Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What are you doing for Lent this year? Why not gather up some friends and/or family or co-workers to read the Gospel of Mark?That's what the folks at BIGREAD12 are suggesting. You can check out a welcome video at

You don't need to be a pastor, theologian or frequent church goer. As our good friends at Nike have encouraged us over the years, "just do it." Check out the website for all the amazing resources this team has put together.

This afternoon I was blessed to have tea with Revd Dr. Peter Phillips and Dr. Bex Lewis. I had sent them an email before I left for sabbatical and they graciously gave an hour of their time to have tea, sweets and conversation. They've got way cool stuff happening. Last year I just read by myself the volume Tom Wright wrote for the Gospel of Matthew. This year, I'm gonna try and find a group and join it.

They are leaders with CODEC. What is CODEC? Well, glad you asked. If you check out this is what they say:
"CODEC is a research initiative based at St John's College in Durham - a new institution in a hundred year old College exploring the interfaces between the Bible, the digital environment and contemporary culture.  CODEC is set within the World Heritage Site of Durham's medieval Cathedral and Castle, an integral part of St. John's College, Durham University."

I am very impressed by their efforts and see some real harmony between what they are doing and the efforts of the ELCA in terms of Book of Faith. We're going to talk again in a couple of weeks.

Now lest you think the the conversation was just about technology and Bibles, check out this treat I had


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  1. Pastor Glusenkamp
    I am glad to see you have 'caught' the enthusiasm of CODEC for the Big Bible Project.
    I am sure you will find people whom you would like to share the Mark exegesis with, but I am wondering whether you might be tempted to join us online? We are attempting to form a temporary house group in the discussion forum of Lay Anglicana, at which you would be very welcome.